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Travel and Study Around the World

Every country and culture approaches language differently. The best way to learn a new language is to live and study in another country.

Study Abroad with UO

Choose from more than 300 programs in nearly every region of the world.

  • Study at a GEO center in Oviedo or Segovia, Spain; Siena, Italy, or London
  • Take courses abroad from a UO faculty member
  • Enroll as an exchange student in a university abroad
  • Check out our all-in-one student guide for studying abroad and hear directly from students who have studied abroad recently

Guide to Study Abroad

International Exchange

  • Students can enroll as an exchange student at a top international research institution for a semester (fall or fall/winter), spring quarter, full academic year, or summer term.
  • Exchange students experience an immersive study abroad experience, living and learning with local students in their chosen city.

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Exchange Programs


Featured Study Abroad Opportunities

GlobalWorks International Internship Program

Administered by the UO Global Studies Institute (GSI), GlobalWorks offers internships in a wide variety of industry sectors and locations around the world. 

Internship opportunities are highly customizable, and we guarantee placement in your preferred sector and location. Students earn up to eight UO credits as well as life-changing work experience in a different culture.  

Please email to discuss your options. 

Application Deadlines for Globalworks
Fall Winter Spring Summer

July 15

Sept 15

Dec 5 Jan 15

Learn about GlobalWorks

Language Programs
Study Abroad and Fulfill a Language Requirement 

Most study abroad programs offer immersive exposure to new languages. But many of our programs also fulfill UO language requirements or focus intensively on the local language.

Explore Global Education Oregon (GEO) programs that include a language requirement and find ways to deepen your language learning experience. 

Language Programs