Experiential Learning

We believe that, through experiential learning, our campus becomes a more multilingual, diverse, informed, and inclusive community for all. Specialized advisors guide students toward study abroad programs, internships, fieldwork, and other faculty-led research experiences and community-based learning programs.

International Internships

International Internships

We work with professional internship providers at program locations around the world to provide individualized placements for UO students. Students earn UO credits and participate in life-changing work experiences in a different culture.

Internships and Field Studies

Study Abroad

Travel and Study Around the World

Choose from more than 300 programs in nearly every region of the world.

  • Study at a GEO center in Spain, Italy, or London
  • Take courses abroad from a UO faculty member
  • Enroll as an exchange student in a university abroad
  • Check out our all-in-one student guide for studying abroad and hear directly from students

Study Abroad


Global Engagement Community

The Global Engagement Academic Residential Community is an active experiential learning environment where residents combine a focus on global issues with a language study of their choice. Students can apply their learning in real-world contexts through study abroad experiences, career connections with an international focus, and unique research opportunities in their area of study.

Explore Academic Residential Communities (ARCs)