Our Programs

Our Programs

The new School of Global Studies and Languages has an integrated curriculum that combines hands-on learning programs and new ways to study and apply languages, while incorporating social science education, cultural competency, and professional training to create a central hub for global careers and language learning at the UO.

African Studies Program

partial view of Earth focused on Africa

We encourage teaching and scholarship on sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, and the wider African diaspora.

Arabic Language Studies Program

Arabic text being written on a chalkboard

We offer courses dedicated to increasing students’ ability to speak, read, understand, and write Arabic. These courses are designed to produce highly skilled Arabic speakers who pursue degrees in the academic majors of their choice

Asian Studies Program

silhouette of leaves and branches on an amber background

This program emphasizes study in Asian language, history, society, art, literature, politics, and economics.

Degrees available:

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East Asian Languages and Literatures Department

Stone carving of a figure with Asian features

We offer instruction in all levels of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language, along with the literatures, cultures, and linguistics of East Asia.

European Studies Program

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his program combines the strengths of faculty in the humanities, social sciences, business, law, and sciences to study the current developments in Europe.

Degrees available:

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Food Studies Program

close-up image of a bowl of tomatoes being sliced

This program recognizes that an integrated perspective is vital to developing fuller understanding of complex food-related issues.

German and Scandinavian Department

bicycle painted with the black, red, and yellow stripes of the German flag

This program spans medieval sagas to contemporary literatures, theory, and film, along with integrated German and Scandinavian language study.

Global Health Program

woman sitting on a bed and tucking a blanket over a baby.

This program offers the interdisciplinary study of population and public health in an international perspective.

Degrees available:

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Global Studies Department

large crowd of people in colorful robes

We offer interdisciplinary courses taught by paired humanities and social science faculty, preparing students for a career in the global sector.

Degrees available:

Internal Professional Concentration options for undergraduate Global Studies majors

Full details on the Internal versus External Professional Concentration options for undergraduate Global Studies majors. 

Intercultural Experience Requirement: The Global Studies Major requires a significant intercultural experience (minimum of 10-weeks) to fulfill the major requirements. This requirement can be fulfilled by study abroad or an internship abroad. There are 300+ programs to choose from and internships can be individually tailored to your interests and goals. 

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Ichishkíin Language

NILI logo

Ichishkíin (Sahaptin) is offered through the Department of Linguistics with support from the Northwest Indian Language Institute. Learn Ichishkíin and the culture and history of the Ichishkíin (Sahaptin) peoples. https://languages.uoregon.edu/language/ichishkiin


Latin American Studies Program

brightly colored abstract painting of two faces

We offer interdisciplinary training exploring the variety of peoples, cultures, languages, and environments across Latin America.

Middle East and North Africa Studies Program

collection of brightly glazed pottery

This program explores the diverse peoples and cultures of the Middle East and North Africa, along with the region's historical and current instability and its global consequences.

Modern Hebrew Language

close up of highly decorated Arabic text

Modern Hebrew is offered through the Judaic Studies program.

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Northwest Indian Language Institute (NILI)

Large boulder with LI-YUU carved on one side.

We support and strengthen language preservation and revitalization efforts. With tribal, academic and community partners, we establish collaborative, on-going projects that meet the specific needs and desires of each language community. We also provide outreach services on issues of language endangerment and advocate for language revitalization.


Romance Languages Department

People in a plaza market looking at produce.

Our students explore the modern and historical languages, literatures, and cultures of the Romance world: French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies Program

photo of Russian onion-topped towers

One of the oldest of its kind on the west coast, our program offers courses in Russian language, literature, and culture, along with history, religion, and politics of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia.


partial view of Earth focused on Africa

Swahili is taught through the Department of Linguistics. A Bantu language, Swahili is said to have been present on the East coast of Africa since the first century CE. Today, it is spoken in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo DRC and in parts of Somalia, Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi.

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Yamada Language Center

cartoon of people speaking Asian languages

We support teaching and learning in a variety of language and interdisciplinary humanities departments across the university.