About Us

Students walking in Angers, France
Welcome to the School of Global Studies and Languages (GSL)

Learning for the 21st century

We are premised on the idea that the opportunities of the 21st century are most accessible through the skills and knowledge of diverse languages, histories, cultures, and traditions. In order to address the cross-cultural challenges our global community is facing, such as climate change, poverty, and racial and gender inequality, we have designed our curriculum to give students a broad and diverse education. We pair an innovative curriculum with hands-on experiences to prepare students to be leaders who can address the world’s most complex challenges.

GSL brings together 100 core faculty members across four departments and five area studies programs. Our mission is to prepare graduates for their future lives and careers by providing comprehensive, cross-cultural perspectives on critical issues and cultural developments. The Global Studies major includes professional tracks in Diplomacy and International relations, International Business, Global Health, and more career-focused areas. Recent Global Studies alumni hold positions in top companies around the world, including Mobility International, the Department of Defense, Teach for America, Microsoft, United Press International, Habitat for Humanity International, Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide, and the Wildlife Alliance.

Photo of student Christina Renninger

What we bring together

Four language and literature departments offer cultural and linguistic grounding for those careers and open students to global culture, from medieval Spain to twenty-first-century K-pop. The UO already ranks among the top ten in the nation for language learning, with annual degrees in Spanish ranked at number six in the nation, and Chinese and Japanese annual degrees ranked at number four. GSL expands our repertoire of languages through the Yamada Language Center, where students can explore less-frequently-taught languages from all over the world. The Yamada Center also provides language-learning technology, specialized classrooms, and academic support to students and their language teachers.

GSL brings together the already flourishing resources within our departments and programs to offer new, school-wide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. We provide interdisciplinary courses taught by paired humanities and social sciences faculty, innovative methods for language learning, experiential learning, mentorship opportunities, and direct classroom-to-career pathways. Through these opportunities, GSL students are fully prepared to step into the workforce as skilled and thoughtful leaders.

Classroom-to-real world applications

Community engagement and hands-on learning are critical for student’s careers, and this is emphasized throughout GSL. Students have the opportunity to hone their language skills through study abroad experiences, connect with local partners and community organizations, and work directly with UO faculty. With a student-centered curriculum that connects critical language learning with a robust liberal arts education, GSL is the hub for global careers and languages at the University of Oregon.

GSL is also home to faculty research and teaching clusters, offering faculty new opportunities to collaborate and explore both in their own fields and beyond. Those collaborations will inspire team-taught courses, experimental curriculum, and interdisciplinary research opportunities for students.

Here at the School for Global Studies and Languages, incoming students will learn and work alongside faculty who have brought together their appreciation of diverse cultures, expertise in world languages, commitment to human rights, and determination to address the complexities of our globalized world. You will be making the world better, and we’re so excited to see what you do!